mercoledì 6 agosto 2008

Are you ready for yet another blog?

Hello unknown efimeral friends. The mission of this blog is to bring together artists and "artigiani" who feel their worthy art is being underestimated by the majority. The great bloggers will probably disregard its contents, but who said "grande è bello"? So, to all those who have something to say about art, in English or Italian, welcome.

Two years ago, I created the Intrinsics project to promote slow, sustainable travel to a small town in the heart of Tuscia: Castel S.Elia /province of Viterbo. Far from the madding crowd, this town, only 45kms north of Rome boasts an Abbey called "Basilica di S.Elia" of XII century origins. Today, the Basilica is one of the most popular churches in which happy couples make their wedding vows and is booked often two years in advance.

So, what makes this church a special place to be wed? Perhaps those who married there should answer that question. Suffice it that Castel Sant'Elia has a very spiritual aura dating back to VII century when S.Gregorio Magno visited the area as Pope, when he fled from Rome to escape the ransack of Rome by the barbarians, where he met secretly with Queen Teodolinda asking her to convince her husband not to put Rome to flames and fire. Apparently he succeeded in his quest, thus saving Rome from a dismal destiny.

Since it's Etruscan, medieval and subsequent Renaissance development, Castel Sant'Elia has maintained its minute proportions (2.200 inhabitants) also its slow "village" life. That's what makes it so fascinating to visitors.

Hence the need to offer accomodation in keeping with the town; no modern hotel, internet and satellite TV, rather a true community life experience, in a medieval house hewn from the historical battlements. The very same Pope Gregorio Magno had fortified during his stay, and that Alessandro Farnese later elaborated during the XVI century.

Here artists can show their work in the Intrinsics Gallery, which will be officially inaugurated early September.

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